Just about in the bag

bookbagHere’s a quick update to thank all the writers, publishers, agents and others who have been in touch with suggestions about programming, and requests to be part of our inaugural festival.

What started as an uphill climb—introducing ourselves to funders, publishers, agents, and audiences, telling our story and explaining who we are and what kind of festival we envision—has turned into a long leisurely coast down a scenic hill (we imagine it will start to feel a lot less leisurely and a lot more like a high speed chase down a very steep, craggy mountain the closer we get to October!). We’re grateful for the support of Arts Nova Scotia and are hopeful Halifax Regional Municipality will also send some support our way. We’re working to get more sponsors on board, too, so that we can pull off some of our big dreams.

We have been overwhelmed by the response to our plans, both from audiences and writers alike. Thanks to everyone who has contacted us about appearing at AfterWords. We have received your submissions—too many to respond to individually for this small but mighty duo of volunteers, so we appreciate your patience and understanding about that. We’re about a month out from announcing our full schedule, so most of our programming decisions have been made, and communicated to the writers and publishers in question. But we’ll soon begin planning the 2020 iteration of AfterWords, and we are glad to have such a wealth of information about fascinating writers and books to contemplate as we think about the future.

We just wanted to check in and say thank you for your interest in and enthusiasm for what we’re up to. If you want to stay up to date with all our news, please sign up for our newsletter here!


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